Tower Design Studio was founded in San Francisco in 1996. Our designs for iconic spaces such as the Post Ranch Inn, the Cypress Club and other popular hospitality locations put our firm on the map, and we quickly grew from a small boutique studio to a respected design firm that produces unique and livable interiors, as well as site-specific art and design solutions. In 2010 we opened our Southern California offices, and we now serve clients primarily in California and occasionally other metropolitan areas.

We have garnered a reputation for creating exquisite environments that mix functionality with clean design, comfort and style. Our award-winning spaces—including homes, restaurants, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, wineries and retreat centers—have been featured in such publications as Interior Design Magazine, Elle Décor, California Design, Travel & Leisure, Print, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Architectural Record, and 805 Living.

Kathleen McMullen

Kathleen McMullen is a multi-talented designer and artist. She founded Tower Design to express her lifelong passion for blending art and design. Tower Design’s client based interiors are a seamless blend of the most innovative contemporary design, the elegance of traditional styles and influences from a well honed background in Art and Art History. Originally an Art Buyer, Kathleen came into Interior Design with a unique perspective. She loves to start with art, and the precious items collected by her clients that represent their most cherished acquisitions and memories. From a child’s sculpture to a modern art collection, a careful curatorial sense of meaning is always a goal.

Kathleen earned a BFA in Art and a BA in the History of Art and Design, with an honors degree in Art Conservation from the University of California, Berkeley. She did her graduate work at the San Francisco Art Institute and Stanford University, where she studied with famed artist Nathan Oliveria, and taught art and design at the college level. In 2008, she completed her LEED AP/ASID certification and has worked on multiple LEED projects at the corporate level.

Her background provides her with an unusually comprehensive grasp of aesthetics and a historically informed approach to design, which she uses as a springboard for to create interiors that express her client’s unique aesthetic and aspirations.  In the development phase of each project, she delineates and defines her clients style, aspirations, budget and timeline.  Great design is evocative; it generates a felt-sense in those who experience it and it is tailored to the lifestyles and budgets of her clients.


Our fundamental philosophy is the design of a home or a business space is shaped by our ongoing experience of the world.  We change as individuals, we are subject to trends and style changes, so that any space created must incorporate the design principles of timelessness and excellent functionality.  The spaces that we design must stand the test of time, and we utilize elements of presence, place, peace, and ultimately, joy in living one’s best life.

We help our clients to define and to achieve their highest aspirations—from increased productivity and flow to well-being and a greater sense of peace and beauty. Our team of talented designers and tradespeople work assiduously to fulfill the vision of our clients highest aspirations.