Tower Design regularly creates site specific art for projects. As a fine artist and painter, Kathleen considers these works as
part of the design process. She has created dozens of paintings, sculpture, lighting, custom fabric design and rugs.
She also leads the restoration and repair of existing historical decorative architecture, murals and furniture.
Kathleen received an honors degree in art restoration many years ago and her love of restoring precious remnants of the past is
crucial to her design aesthetic.

Fine Art – Acquisition & Placement

With a BFA degree in Art and A BA in Art History from UC Berkeley, Kathleen entered Interior Design field as a Fine Art Consultant.
Kathleen offers her clients a unique insight into the world of contemporary art through her experience working at museums and as an
art consultant for prominent architectural firms and her own projects. She has built beautiful art collections that reflect each of
her client’s personality or corporate interests. Kathleen seamlessly adapts existing art collections into her interiors and assists her
clients to both build and create powerful and iconic display of their art both in and out of doors. She provides an intuitive yet
informed understanding of her clients and their style, arriving at exceedingly unique and beautiful solutions.