1980’s Becomes a 2020 Dream Home

residential | Hillsborough Renovation , CA

Tower Design’s lead designer Kathleen McMullen renovated this home in Hillsborough, California in just four short months. Taking this 1980’s home and turning it into a dream home for the client’s growing family meant a complete redesign of nearly the entire house. This included removing walls, and redesigning the lighting, stair railings and many other elements of the home.

McMullen made good progress in selecting and purchasing key pieces of the couples new Bay Area Art collection.The client’s wish to live in a modern home led McMullen to pair contemporary and modern furnishings and art against the existing traditional, beautifully over-the-top crown and decorative moldings and other traditional elements in the home. Kathleen also painted a site-specific painting for the clients family room – a norm for Kathleen’s projects when she can’t find the absolute perfect piece for a space