commercial | Big Sur

When we began this project in the 90’s I had no idea that I would devote over three years of my life, time and energy to its creation.  I came to love every inch of the land and place.  I had the opportunity to hang out with the original owners and the fabulous architect, Mickey Muennig.  Many, many fun adventures led me along my path as an artist/designer.  The project started out as an identity project and grew to include many, many design details throughout.

We designed the laser cut metal signage, and we created the logo from the original cattle brand.  The first brochures were created out of some of the original 100% recycled paper.  We were responsible for some of the original furnishings and interior design, and we had great influence over the restaurant design and more. This was a magical time in my life and in Big Sur. While it is no longer the artist’s enclave that it was when I grew up, and it has become very commercialized, the Post Ranch Inn will forever remain a place where I grew up as a designer.