She really got me and my style, and I am over the moon

I have worked with quite a few designers over the years, and Kathleen is my favorite for so many reasons.  We bought and then very quickly gutted and rebuilt our entire home in Montecito, CA with her help.  To say she is fast is an understatement, she does things with absolute calm and assurance. Things get done efficiently. When we moved into our house only six months after the project began with a new kitchen, two new baths, all new floors and an addition of two bedrooms, I was honestly amazed.  Our guest house was completely transformed from a dowdy, outdated space into one of our favorite places to hang out.  It was astonishing to see how seamlessly she and our contractor worked together and how gracious and kind she was throughout the process. If there were problems, and there were, she carefully worked through them in a methodical manner, arriving at solutions that pleased everyone.  She is a master of sourcing the most interesting and fun furnishings and accessories.  She designed many of our light fixtures herself, along with a settee, and chairs.  She sourced our barstools out of Santa Fe New Mexico and other things from Wyoming and Utah. She added so many iconic touches, I was so pleased, as is my husband who does not focus on design.  I wanted a family home, a great place to entertain, privacy, and I wanted every detail to be both interesting and unique.  She really got me and my style, and I am over the moon.