Her unflagging spirit and passion for her work

In the course of our 18 month ‘from the ground-up’ remodel, Kathleen has been our inspiration and our guide.  During the early construction phase of our project she helped us work with the architect to formulate both space and multiple layers of aesthetic resonance with our site, our art and our lifestyle. As our home emerged from a vague intention for something we termed ‘zen modern’; with her sensibilities and masterful sense of form and color we built a working partnership that has given us a profound sense of ownership and pride while also giving us confidence in the quality and beauty of what we created. In the later stages of the effort Kathleen’s network of suppliers also opened possibilities we had not even imagined possible. Unlike so many others we’ve known over the years who speak of their experience of ‘barely surviving’ projects of this scale, we loved every moment of the journey – in large part due to Kathleen’s tireless commitment to excellence and her unflagging spirit and passion for her work and for our unqualified satisfaction.