kathleen mcmullen portrait breathe shirtKathleen McMullen Interior Designer / Artist

Lead designer Kathleen McMullen is a multi-talented designer and artist. She founded Tower Design out of her lifelong passion for blending art and design. Tower Design’s hallmark look stems from Kathleen’s unique aesthetic: a seamless blend of the most innovative contemporary design, the elegance of traditional styles and influences from the natural world.

Kathleen earned a BFA in Art and a BA in the History of Art and Design, with an honors degree in Art Conservation from the University of California, Berkeley. She did her graduate work at the San Francisco Art Institute and Stanford University, where she studied with famed artist Nathan Oliveria, and taught art and design at the college level. In 2008, she completed her LEED AP/ASID certification and has worked on multiple LEED projects at the corporate level. Her studies provide her with an unusually comprehensive grasp of aesthetics and a historically-informed approach to design, which she uses as a springboard for envisioning powerful design narratives and creating iconic models of design.

Kathleen draws on her extensive experience as a designer, fine artist and art historian to engineer experiences through interiors. Her philosophy is that great design is evocative; it generates a felt-sense in those who experience it. Kathleen curates experiences via the interiors of the spaces she designs.