Interior Design with the Colors of Summer | Bring Summer Inside All Year Long

Bring the colors of summer inside all year long by designing your home with warm, tropical colors to brighten and lighten your home. The palettes of summer are the colors of vacation and warm days punctuated by eating a ripe peach while lying on the sand under a bright umbrella listening to the sounds of the ocean. Choosing a colorful, summer palette for your home might sound daring at first, but when done with finesse, it can evoke feelings of happiness and instant pleasure.

The Basics: Dividing Color Palettes

Before diving in to choose your preferred color palette, remember this easy rule:

Use ratios of color to balance the look. Start by breaking down your palette into percentages. Divide your preferred colors into components such as walls, floors, rugs, furniture, and accents such as pillows and lighting.

For example, the background color might comprise 50-60% of the most dominant color (walls, floors, cabinets), 25-30% for your secondary color (sofa, bed,) 15-20% secondary color (chairs or a second wall or cabinet color) and 10% (accessories, pillows). Remember to consider white a color.

The Warm Summer Palette

Let’s start with the more obvious warm summer palette above. It is more common and very popular for bedrooms and bathrooms. Think blue skies, sandy waves and neutrals punctuated with some bright accents. Summer days, bright sun, and truly fond memories of the happy-go-lucky days when we had lots of time to lounge. The warm beige of the sand, the blue green water and bright vermillion accents create a sense of both calm and entertain the eye.

Photo by Benjamin Moore

The bedroom above utilizes our Warm Summer Palette. A watery sea blue is our primary  color (60%). White is the 30% secondary color, Sand and Persimmon comprise the two accents (10%). The Vermillion makes the room sing, just as the beach umbrellas do in the beach photo above. The neutral Sand color is very grounding and provides a nice earth element to the blue. The look is what many would call “Beachy”, and truly it is the essence of summer on the beach accented by the seaside theme of the art and accessories.

Cool Summer Palette

Bringing the outside inside to create your personal sense of what summer means to you is key to that special at-home-summer feeling. When decorating for a leafy, dusky, summer-all-year-long feel, the goal is to create a haven of calm. Summer colors are a great inspiration for relaxation, tranquility, and airiness. Hot summer days beneath shady trees lend themselves to a cooler, more muted palette.

Photo by Farrow and Ball

The living room above utilizes paint colors from Farrow and Ball. Notice the creative choice of soft muted pink as the primary color (50%), the cool green that compliments the pink (30%), and the accents of grey and soft peach (20%) for the sofa, pillow, and lamp. A pop of white neutralizes and dispels any busyness. This sophisticated look blends the cool green of a shady tree along with a soft pink of the early morning dawn. Enjoy creating this kind of mood and feeling in your home!

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